Dec 16, 2015

New diagnosis

I have had two friends from my hometown contact in the last month about their children. They were tested for autism and got a positive diagnosis. No matter how much you love your child, or how soft he...
Jun 4, 2015

Autism in public organizations

Our youngest son, who is high functioning autistic, has recently joined the Cub Scouts. My husband and I thought long and hard (and prayed!) about this decision. We were not sure how other parents and...
Apr 23, 2015

Life gets away from us…..

Sorry I haven’t posted lately! Life kind of gets away from us sometimes. We have had a very busy month with our Scouts group and a sick kitty. Hoping to get more posts in soon!! Thank you all fo...
Apr 1, 2015

April is Autism Awareness Month

Today is April Fool’s Day, but I am no fool. I know that this month is Autism Awareness Month. I have already read many posts from some popular blogs about this subject. Some families who deal w...
Feb 26, 2015

Is it Autism?

One out of four boys today will be diagnosed with autism. One out of 189 girls have autism. This comes from the website “Developmental Disabilities Institute”.
Feb 25, 2015

A Sense of Humor

I do have to admit something about my son who has autism. He truly has a unique sense of humor. He thinks any given day is his birthday. And, he will “argue you down” about it. He says he ...
Feb 15, 2015

Buck Autism

Here is a story about a girl named Jayci Mead. She is a 23 year old young lady diagnosed with autism. We have some dear friends who have partnered with Jayc...
Feb 4, 2015

How Max, Adam and Kristina Braverman Help Me

How do Max and his parents help me? How are the Braverman’s? They are part of an extraordinary series that just ended last week called Parenthood. Some friends of mine told me about this series ...
Jan 23, 2015

Homeschooling an Autistic Child

There are challenges with homeschooling an autistic child. For my child, we have to tackle attention span, social issues, staying on task, delayed skills, etc. There are many days I feel so inadequate...