God has laid something on my heart this past year. I don’t pray for my pastors enough. Yes, I said “pastors”. Throughout my life, there have been many pastors who have led and guided me in my spiritual walk. I still consider them all my pastors.

My children studied about Moses and Aaron a few weeks ago at their Kid Jam (our churches title for the former Sunday School). Moses held his arms out with his staff while his army battled against the enemy. His arms began to tire and started to fall. Aaron and several other men stood by him and held up his arms. They supported him. They lifted him up. They encouraged him. And they let him lead.

Why can we, the church, not do that today? Used to, the chatter happened at kitchen tables and on the phone. Now we move our discontent and gossip to texting and social media. We somehow over history got the idea that a church’s success in winning the lost lies solely in the pastor’s hands.

Here’s a new revelation for you……he can’t do it all! God gave us pastors to lead and equip us to get off our bottoms, go outside the walls of the church and help change the world. One person cannot do it.

And guess what? Being in ministry can tear you down better than anything in this world. People think since someone is called into the ministry that they are immune to criticism and badgering. We seem to think that when these people go home, they everything is “hunky doorey”.

News flash, folks! Satan is after our pastors and ministers like never before now. Our church staff and ministers need to be covered in prayer, encouragement and love like never before. Satan will attack everything precious to them, including their family. I have seen it so many times. I have experienced it, also.  And it takes years to recover if one does not get the support they need.


I challenge anyone reading this to join me in fervent prayer for our pastors, ministers, youth ministers, children’s ministers, leaders, church staff, etc. We need to shower them with love and encouragement. Let’s blow their minds by getting some callouses on our knees for them. Pray that God will bless them beyond anything they can imagine. When our spiritual leaders are thriving personally, our churches will follow.

God does not place someone in ministry by accident. This is not a “profession” that people are just jumping at the bit to go into. Our seminaries are struggling to find graduates to fill our pulpits. And now, our country is suffering for it.

We want God to change our country, but we don’t want to have to be inconvenienced in order for Him to use us to change it. Guess what? We are God’s hands and feet on this earth. God could do it Himself. But He loves us so much, He wants us to follow Him and be part of the spectacular things He can do!

Be His hands and feet. You don’t have to…..but, boy howdy, you are going to miss the adventure of your life!

So, pray…..love….encourage….and go!