Next week, we will be starting back homeschool. I also have a new start I want to begin…and be accountable to.

I used to work outside of the home full time. I worked from the time I was a teenager. I cannot remember any time that I was not working at least part time. I quit working altogether when my youngest was born because there were no part time daycare options available.

God has provided for us each step of the way, but I always felt like I should do more. I yearn for some purpose and the feeling of succeeding in something again. Right now I am going to delve in Esty, Ebay and Blogging. I am hoping to find a steady endeavor soon, but have not had much luck.

With the world and economy we live in, I feel that there are so many opportunities out there. I will not just sit back and watch the world (and my age) fly by. I am also going to work on us getting healthier….and me losing weight! 🙂

Join me on the journey! 🙂