I am about to write about a very touchy subject. The past few months, we have been waiting on the Supreme Court to make a decision concerning gay rights. People are taking their stand on each side. As a Christian, I am on the side of what the Word of God says.

Homosexuality is a sin. It is not what God planned for us. I do not believe homosexuals should be shunned or persecuted, but when it comes to condoning it,…….I cannot.

I stand with the Family Research Council on their stand on what we pray the Supreme Court will decided this month.

Now, just in time for a media frenzy, a tabloid brings a story out about one of the staff of Family Research Council.

Yes, I am talking about Josh Duggar.

May I state this first……I do not condone in any way any form of molestation, abuse, stalking, rape, etc. What he did was terrible and awful. He made a huge mistake.

His parents took this to the authorities. They filled out all the forms, made the confessions, went through investigations, had the children put in counseling, had a second round of investigations when someone leaked it to Oprah (who did the right thing reporting it), and still…..the family cooperated, went through the investigations, and the authorities said he was a juvenile, the right procedures were in place and they had done all the things they needed to for justice.

Then a lovely tabloid gets a hold of the records, which are supposed to be sealed! And they found a sensational story!

They did not think about the girls. They didn’t think about Anna or her children. They didn’t think about how hard it would be to go to a store and see your family plastered with a terrible title on a magazine.

These children do not deserve the horrific persecution.

If an crime has been done, and the authorities have taken care of it, and justice has been served, then it is none of your business. It is the business of the one who did the crime, his family, the victims and their families.

There is an agenda. And I have come to learn that there will always be some kind of agenda, persecution, hate and slander towards God’s people. Jesus told us about this years and years ago in His Word.

I am not the ultimate “Duggar” fan. I do admire their faith. I agree on most things about them, so I don’t. But one thing is for sure…..

Think about this…..

The children who are 15 and older on the show do not talk back to their parents. They respect adults…….in fact, all people. They do not flaunt the lack of clothing they wear. I can feel comfortable watching them in front of my children. There is no foul language. There is an immense amount of love and respect in this family.

You may or may not agree with their lifestyle. But there is not unbiblical about it. And their children and grandchildren deserve their privacy……and our respect.

I am praying for all involved in this situation and for the Supreme Court. This decision will have a huge ripple effect on our churches and faith based organizations.

The church needs to wake up, stand up and be the Church!

Here is the link to The Kelly Files interview…..http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2015/06/03/were-devastated-michelle-duggar-tells-megyn-kelly-about-son-actions/


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