Our youngest son, who is high functioning autistic, has recently joined the Cub Scouts. My husband and I thought long and hard (and prayed!) about this decision. We were not sure how other parents and leaders would react if Micah had an episode or got frustrated.

We decided that I would go with him and lead his den. As I went through some online training, I began to question how many special needs children actually join organizations like this. How many hesitate to join out of fear of how their children will be accepted and treated.

Too many of our organizations outside of school do not have the knowledge or training to handle the special needs of these children. I am hoping to research more and help drive more training in our district and maybe even the Houston area.

Micah has now attended his first Cub Scout meeting and will be attending Day Camp in two weeks. We covet the prayers of so many! Thank you for walking this journey with us!

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