We are doing something that may be in the category of adventure…..at least with my family.

We are renting an RV to go to Missouri to visit some of my husband’s extended family. I am praying this will be a good experience for all of us. I am figuring it will take us 12 hours or so. This is why we thought about taking a plunge and renting an RV. There are five of us going (our family + my mother-in-law), so we will need a large one.

My husband has not been there in 25 years. My oldest son and I have not been there in about 7 or 8 years. This will be the first time he remembers going.

I grew up with a very close knit family. I am thankful that we have the opportunity to go and visit my husband’s family. I want my kids to know all of our family, not just the immediate family. It is such an awesome thing to be able to learn about your family heritage. It is what made us who we are.

So, don’t let the chances pass you by to see your family. Don’t let your kids miss out on the great opportunities to learn about their heritage.