Buck Autism

Here is a story about a girl named Jayci Mead. She is a 23 year old young lady diagnosed with autism.


We have some dear friends who have partnered with Jayci to help with autism research in our youngest son’s name.

Jayci’s family had the discernment to know when Jayci was ready to take a new step. We, as parents as autism, have to have our eyes and ears open all the time, watching our children. They will give us clues to watch their heart’s desire. With God’s help, and the help of others who love our special children, they can succeed in whatever their goals are!

Today we had the pleasure of watching Jayci’s bull, Dominate Autism, in a bucking contest. We had a wonderful time with our friends who love us so much to help a cause so dear to our hearts. My prayer is that all children with autism can find something that drives them and helps them to dream.

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