Lots of people stress over the schedule they think they need to have to homeschool. However, homeschooling gives you much more freedom that you had before.

Don’t stress if something comes up, like a doctor’s appointment, a sick family member, or a car repair. It teaches your children to adapt to “bumps in the road”.

Here is what I usually do with my boys. Once they are up and have had breakfast, we start school.

Here is M’s schedule:

1 – Pledges, Prayers, Devotion

2 – Days of the Week, Calendar

3 – Letters of the Week (activities, practice, handwriting)

4 – Math (numbers, shapes, using counters, writing, etc.)

5 – Phonics (sounds of letters, reading readers)

6 – Topic (something usually related to holidays, social studies or science)

Here is J’s schedule. He usually is given a list and picks what to do when.

1 – Pledges, Prayers, Devotions

2 – Spelling

3 – Handwriting

4 – Reading

5 – Math

6 – Social Studies and Science

7 – Topic/Music/Art (we alternate days on this)

We take breaks when needed throughout the day. Sometimes we may finish at noon and take a trip in the afternoon. Be flexible! That is the key to your sanity! 🙂

The beauty of homeschool is that one day does not have to be destroyed because the only time the car repair shop needs your car at 8 am. Take some work with you and let the kids work on it there. Let this be a life skill lesson. Most kids do not know how to deal with everyday life situations. Let every moment be a learning opportunity.


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