How do Max and his parents help me? How are the Braverman’s?

They are part of an extraordinary series that just ended last week called Parenthood. Some friends of mine told me about this series while we were in Korea. I started watching it on ITunes. I was hooked!

Jason Katims, the creator of Parenthood, has a son on the autism spectrum. I am sure this is why this character was included in the series.

Even though my son does not have half the struggles that Max does on the show, it gave me encouragement to see another family facing it head on and succeeding. It may not be the success of a “cure” like some want, but it is seeing those little successes that add up to a life well lived.

My son is going to be delayed. He may not be the most compassionate. He is about to turn 6 and has just started simple reading. He is great with his numbers. He wants to be in cub scouts, just like his older brother. He likes his church, even though he hasn’t quite gotten to the point to understand exactly what God did and still does for us. He may not have a lot of friends. He may get on some kid’s nerves.

But he is my hero and my angel. And watching Parenthood gave me encouragement that other people could not give me. His teachers in Korea were about the only ones who truly got him. I was so blessed to have a team who encouraged us and loved on our little man. That is something I truly miss about Korea.  <tears>

And I cry today because Max won’t be in my house anymore. He is growing up, working at a photography studio, and even dancing with girls!! Despite the fact he researched and found that not many on the autistic spectrum can get a job, Max got a job!

My little man will do the best he can…..and when he succeeds in even the smallest way, I will be his biggest cheerleader!

Thank you, Max, Kristina and Adam for being real as characters, flying off the screen and into my heart.


adam and max monica and max

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